“But, We Did Obedience...”
By: Karen Decker - P.U.P.S. Dog Obedience Training
Maryland Pet Gazette - 2006
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Almost anyone can teach a dog to sit, stay, and come on a leash. But what's the point
of a seemingly well-mannered dog on a leash, if off leash, the dog is biting people
when they come in the house, or jumping on everyone that visits, or is growling and
biting when the owner takes the dog's  bone or toy, or is afraid of the world, or has
separation anxiety? Owners do obedience training in hopes of eliminating undesired
behaviors and creating desired behaviors. Many times owners are disappointed to
find that after “obedience training”; they are still at square one with their particular
problems. Is it possible to achieve the true goals through obedience training? YES,
but the owner needs to understand the difference between “obedience” training and
behavior modification through the use of
specialized obedience training. When
looking  for a trainer, remember the following:
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  • The trainer should utilize group training while giving each dog an individual
    behavior modification program to achieve the individual goals of each dog and
  • The trainer should possess great knowledge of breed traits
  • The trainer should focus on respectfully establishing a relationship between
    owner and dog while building the dog's confidence and teaching him to bring
    his adrenaline down around stimuli.
  • If your dog has  behavior or temperament problems, make certain the trainer
    has vast experience in that area.
  • Most of all, make certain the trainer can explain exactly how the program will
    achieve your goals!

To find out how your individual goals can be achieved, call P.U.P.S
Dog Obedience Training at 410-992-8410, or email

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