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Thank You Expo Sponsors!

The Howard County Pet Expo wishes to sincerely thank all the businesses that have sponsored this event. Their sponsorship has played
a critical role in the success of this event each year. Every year this event allows many non-profit animal rescue organizations the
opportunity to raise funds to care for the animals’ medical and everyday needs, educate the public, receive potential adoption applicants
and recruit much needed fosters and volunteers. We can go so far as to say that the sponsors’ contribution has saved the lives of many
animals! Without their support, whether through monetary sponsorship or the donation of services or products, this event would not be
possible. From the bottoms of our hearts, we thank all the sponsors for their generous donations!

Scroll down for a list of our sponsors and a special thank you to Winchester Homes!
A Very Special Thanks to Winchester Homes

We would like to extend a very special thank you to Winchester Homes. Winchester Homes
became a sponsor for The Howard County Pet Expo in 2005. They were celebrating 25 years
of business by performing 25 acts of charity. Our event was chosen as one of those events.
Winchester Homes not only donated a monetary sponsorship, but did much, much more.
They put their expertise in gear and built the most spectacular dog house ever built (see
pictures below). The dog house was 6’ deep, 6’5” tall and 5’ wide, complete with custom
paint job, windows, window boxes, siding, shake shingle roof, carpet, front and back doors,
a bed, leash and collar, the works! It was so big that Winchester Homes brought it on a
trailer and delivered it to the raffle recipient’s home!  

As if that wasn’t enough, Winchester Homes provided a huge number of volunteers to work the event. They did everything
including directing traffic and parking, setting up and breaking down vendors and various other tasks from early morning
through late afternoon. That was all for the 2005 Howard County Pet Expo. But guess what? They came back again for 2006 and
2007!  Winchester Homes provided a monetary sponsorship, 2 smaller scale, but equally impressive dog houses and a huge
number of volunteers to work from sun up until sun down again!!

It is no surprise that Winchester Homes has earned such an impeccable reputation for producing quality product within their
industry. The key to that success is clearly unmatched expertise and quality people! We extend our warmest thanks to
Winchester Homes and to all their wonderful, compassionate employees and family members who have helped with this event!  
We are truly grateful!  
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