Make obedience a way of life
and assure your dog's safety at all times!
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receive further information and class schedules.  
P.U.P.S Dog Obedience Training is a progressive seven-week group training course which
accomplishes behavior modification through the use of specialized obedience. There are three
specific goals of the program:

Reliable obedience under major distractions and stimuli. NO FOOD TRAINING.

Relationship establishment productively and respectfully between owner and dog.

Temperament – the program focuses on building the dog’s confidence and teaching the dog to
bring his/her adrenaline down and focus under heavy stimuli. This gives the dog the ability to think
clearly in all situations, make appropriate assessments and transition with ease from situation to

In addition to possessing vast knowledge of training dogs and understanding breed traits, P.U.P.S
is extremely proud of their expertise offered in the following areas:

Aggression of all types including but not limited to dominance, social aggression, food aggression,
dog aggression and fear aggression. P.U.P.S is referred by many vets, humane society
organizations and rescues from many counties and surrounding areas.  

P.U.P.S possesses great knowledge and understanding of high-drive working breeds of all
categories and mixes thereof.  

P.U.P.S program is very successful for stress or anxiety dogs.

P.U.P.S welcomes all breeds of dogs 18 weeks and up.

P.U.PS offers discounts for shelter and rescue dogs.

Due to popular demand, P.U.P.S is now offering a Puppy Package for puppies between
the ages of  9 - 18 weeks (at which time they are eligible for P.U.P.S Basic Obedience Course).
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